Jose Bautista brings some soul patch to the Jays

Thursday, August 21, 2008  |  by 

With Scott Rolen on the DL, today J.P. Ricciardi reached into the pile of players on the waiver wire and picked out ...

Jose Bautista. He was let go by the Pirates a few weeks ago, and this season has hit .242 with 12 HR's and 44 RBI. That's about average for the players on the Blue Jays right now. I'm assuming he will be filling in at third base until Rolen feels better, or until he gets let go by the Jays.

More importantly, Bautista now enters the heavy competition on the Blue Jays for bragging rights on the best soul patch on the team. Lyle Overbay, Brad Wilkerson, Joe Inglett, and Shaun Marcum are all possible candidates. In fact, that will be the new poll on the Blue Jay Hunter - which Blue Jay has the best soul patch. VOTE NOW!

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