Sizing Up the Competition

Monday, August 18, 2008  |  by 

Call it the proverbial contest to see who has the biggest Wang.

For the next 3 weeks, it’s nothing but heated competition against division rivals for the Toronto Blue Jays. With 37 games remaining in the season, there are 30 to play against American League East teams.

Things are actually looking pretty favourable for Jays down the stretch; they have a 21-20 record against division rivals this year. Aside from the Rays and the Orioles, every other team in the division is basically playing .500 baseball against each other:

Tampa Bay Rays 28-19

Boston Red Sox 21-23

New York Yankees 23-22

Toronto Blue Jays 21-20

Baltimore Orioles 19-28

The difference from 2007 to 2008 is that there are now three teams the Blue Jays have to look out for in the penis race …I mean, pennant race. What used to be a three-horse race with the Yankees and Red Sox, has now turned into a four-horse race with the Tampa Bay Rays contending. It just so happens that the Blue Jays have had the most trouble with the Rays in their own division:

vs. the Tampa Bay Rays 3-8

vs. the Boston Red Sox 6-2

vs. the New York Yankees 4-5

vs. the Baltimore Orioles 8-4

So if the Jays don’t end up contending for the Wildcard, they can at least play spoiler to another team in the division. This week would be a great opportunity to deliver a knockout punch to the Yankees’ playoff hopes. I’m sure Madonna is available to provide some on-field distractions for A-Rod, and maybe Stoeten from the Drunk Jays Fans can convince Johnny Damon to regrow his beard.

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