Trouble at the Trop

Tuesday, August 26, 2008  |  by 

So far in 2008, the Blue Jays haven't fared too well against the suddenly-dominant 2008 Tampa Bay Rays. They are 3-9 versus the Rays, and even stranger is that Roy Halladay is 0-3 against them.

The Blue Jays are still stinging after that 6-5 loss in extras at the hands of the Boston Red Sox, while the Rays are also coming off a tough loss against the White Sox where an interference call lead to the eventual game-winning run. Weird.

It should be a great matchup tonight; 15-9 Roy Halladay against 11-7 James Shields. Look for it to be a low scoring game that just might go into extra innings once again. Neither pitcher tends to give up many homeruns, so this might be a game of small-ball.

The other thing about the Tampa Bay Rays that blows my mind is how there aren't 30,000+ fans at Tropicana Field every night. They are holding down first place in the AL East, yet still only averaging around 21,000 fans per home game. If you're wondering, the Blue Jays average about 29,000 per home game.

Give the Rays fans credit though - in 2007, only about 17,000 fans were at the Trop. In the matter of less than a year, Rays attendance has gone up 25 %. That's what a cinderella season will do for your team.


  1. Well, there aren't many people here! It wouldn't surprise me if the team moved, just because of the market. It is dirt cheap to go to a game ($9). I work nights, so it is hard.

  2. This post says it a little better than I did:

    Oh yeah, Halladay kicked our a** last night!

  3. Good post! Yeah, the Rays are a relitavely young franchise and should have no problem gettting 30,000+ fans in the next few years if they continue their winning ways. Also, if they build that new stadium, that will also be a big help.

    Halladay handicapped the Rays last night, but I think you guys have the advantage tonight. Garza has only allowed 1 earned run in 23 innings. Yikes - the Jays have their work cut out for them!


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