Bring on the Massholes!

Friday, September 12, 2008  |  by 

Who would've ever guessed that both Boston and Toronto would both be playing meaningful games in September? Yes, it could possibly come down to this four game series at Fenway for both teams this season.

Here are your pitching matchups for this weekend. It's noted that Cito has elected to pitch both A.J. Burnett, Jesse Litsch, and Roy Halladay on 3 days rest; otherwise Doc probably would not have event pitched in this series. That means that Cito means fucking business, and that the Jays are not going down unless it's with their best arms on the mound.

Friday - David Purcey (3-5) vs. Tim Wakefield (8-10)
Saturday AM - A.J. Burnett (17-10) vs. Paul Byrd (11-11)

Saturday PM - Jesse Litsch (11-8) vs. Bartolo Colon (4-2)

Sunday - Roy Halladay (18-10) vs. Jon Lester (14-5)

I don't want to be the one to scream PLAYOFFS!, but I think the Jays chances this weekend are pretty good. Purcey has been lights out his last two starts, and the Jays have feasted on Wakefield's knuckleballs as if they were meatballs.

Saturday's afternoon game should be quite the duel between Burnett and Byrd. The little Byrdie that flew the nest from Cleveland has been 3-1 in his last 4 starts versus the Jays.

Saturday's night cap will probably be a run-fest. For some reason, whenever there is a double header there is always at least one game where it's a complete blowout. And you can almost count on pitching from somebody with the last name that's Colon, to be shitty.

And then of course, it's the Doc going for his 19th win on Sunday afternoon. You can guarantee that Halladay will certainly bounce back from his worst outing of the season against the White Sox last week.

Now, bring on those

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