Carlson Serves Up A Meatball

Wednesday, September 24, 2008  |  by 

Man, Jesse Carlson has been great all year - then he has to serve up a big fat meatball to Bobby Abreu, as the game-winning grand slam. Prior to that, Carlson had not given up a single run in 14 innings. All good things must come to an end, I guess.

Tonight's Jamie Campbell "WTF Comment of the Night" came mid game. I can't remember exactly, because I had the game on in the background, but I remember Jamie Campbell saying something to the effect of "You can be pretty sure that Derek Jeter has the starting job at shortstop next year for the Yankees". Yeah, Jeter better watch out - Cody Ransom could challenge him for the SS position next year.

I apologize in advance for the lack of updates to come in the next week or so. I'm currently hard at work on a 2008 Blue Jays Year in Review show that will hopefully be airing next week. It will basically be a highlights show with lots of clips, and interviews with Mike Wilner and Tim Dierkes of More details to come about air dates, and hopefully I can find some way to post it on the blog if you'd like to hear it.

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