Closing Time

Friday, September 12, 2008  |  by 

I guess it can’t be summed up any better than Stoeten at DJF; lately when the Jays are leading by 3 or less going into the 9th, it’s been “Uncle B.J.’s Wild Ride”.

Although he’s recorded the save in the last 4 of his 5 opportunities, it has not been an open and shut case for B.J. Ryan. I realize the guy is just over one year removed from Tommy John surgery, but lately every save situation has been a nervous one. It seems like his command has been off lately and that he’s had trouble finding the strike zone. Luckily, B.J. usually finds away to dig himself out of the hole. I understand that every closer will blow saves, and have meltdowns. But when you can’t rely on your closer, who can you trust?

This opens up the debate as to whether the Jays should trade Ryan in the offseason. If that’s the case, there are many relievers on the team that could easily take his place; Brandon League, Scott Downs, Jesse Carlson, and even Jeremy Accardo has done it before (with 30 saves in ’07). So why pay $10 million for a reliever, when you can get away with paying someone $400,000?


  1. Feel the same way about Percival. Even though he's only blown like 4 saves, he seems to always get into trouble. Balfour seems like the Rays best option, let's hope they at least give him a shot down the stretch. Seems like managers never want to switch up their closers.

  2. I thought for sure that Reyes was going to be the Rays closer this year, but for some reason Percival came out of retirement. It looks like he could be on the DL for the 4th time this year.

    Why not just stick with Dan Wheeler? He's been solid!


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