Godfrey Not Coming Back?

Thursday, September 18, 2008  |  by 

For some reason, every time I picture Paul Godfrey, he is always pointing at someone in distain. That explains the above picture. Speaking of pointing fingers, I was actually very pleased that yesterday they spent some time talking about baseball for once on Off the Record. I love the show, but they talk about the CFL and NHL way too much on that program.

Anyway, Paul Godfrey, and even the Griffster made an appearance on the program all taking about the Blue Jays. You could sense Griffin’s “Beard of Hatred” towards Godfrey, and even former Jays play-by-play commentator Warren Sawkiw chimed in every once in a while to make a stupid argument. For example, that Scott Richmond would rather play for Canada’s baseball team at the Olympics than play in the majors. It makes you wonder why we only worked for the Jays for one season.

Griffin actually made a pretty good point on the show; that Cito is now the face of the franchise, and J.P. Ricciardi is no longer the GM that fans swooned over. So was this Griffin’s way of saying “Toss Ricciardi, because Cito is bringing in the bucks”?

Amongst all these reports that Cito Gaston and J.P. Ricciardi will be back next year, I really got the sense from Godfrey that he will not be back next year as president and CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays. He seemed very apprehensive about answering questions about his future with the club, and his demeanor came across as nonchalant towards the club.

Again, this is just my hunch but I think Paul Godfrey is out as CEO at the end of this year. So Ricciardi’s job may be secure under Paul Godfrey, but if Godfrey steps down then J.P.’s job could be in jeopardy once again.

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