JC Countdown: 2 Days

Wednesday, September 3, 2008  |  by 

So after digging through my old Joe Carter baseball collection, it turns out I'm a bigger fan than I thought. In total I have 6 Joe Carter cards - even one from his pre-Jays days in San Diego. And if you're wondering, yes, two of those cards came from McDonald's. Another one of them was from a cereal box - no jokes. Now I'll have an even tougher time trying to decide which one of the six baseball cards I will get JC to sign. Decisions, decisions.

Holy long ball last night against the twins: Bautista, Rios and Overbay all went deep after David Purcey shit the bed, and the Jays squeaked by with another come from behind victory. Unbelievably, the bullpen gave up just 2 hits the remainder of the game and B.J. Ryan fist-pumped his way to his 26th save of the year.

Your Jamie Campbell "WTF Comment of the Night" came in the 2nd inning, when Rance and Jamie were talking about how great the Minnesota Twins lineup is. When discussing Nick Punto and his .289 average compared to the rest of the team, Campbell joked "maybe they should send him down to the minors". Jamie, just leave the sarcastic remarks for disgruntled Jays Talk callers and statistically-obsessed baseball bloggers.


  1. Shit the bed! hahaha. awesome. SOmebody in my fantasy league tried to have me trade away Alexi Ramirez for him. I told him that was insulting.

    You might want to quit calling Campbell and Carter both "JC", by the way.

    P.S. I tried to use the "Gay Roy" chant for A Rod last night, but my wife wouldn't have any part of it.

  2. Alexi Ramirez for David Purcey? Is that guy on acid? I would've countered with Barry Bonds for Matt Holiday.

    I'm weaning myself off of calling Jamie Campbell "JC", since it is more appropriate for the god-like Joe Carter.

    Well, I applaud you for trying the gay-rod heckle, Hodesworthe. Maybe you'll have to try a different heckle like "Madonna poker" or "Stray-Rod".


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