JC Countdown: 3 Days

Tuesday, September 2, 2008  |  by 

In just a mere 72 hours, I will hopefully have a chance to finally meet my childhood hero when Joe Carter visits Toronto for Flashback Friday. I am giddy at the though of even seeing JC in person, so I am not sure how I am going to react when I ask him to sign my stuff. Even browsing through my old Joe Carter baseball cards last night got me all weepy eyed and nostalgic.

In other Blue Jays news, the team is now 75 % less gritty and spunky with the trade of David Eckstein. He was shipped off to the Arizona Diamondbacks in hopes he will actually have a hope in hell to play for a playoff spot. I myself am indifferent about the move; I never really thought it was necessary to sign Eckstein in the first place. This should send the message to J.P. Ricciardi that John Macdonald should be the starting shortstop no matter what. That is unless we can upgrade with one of these two guys in the offseason.


  1. Just tell him how you feel, that he is one of your childhood heroes! I see so often the people just go up to these LEGENDS and don't say a damn word, barely even thanking the guy for an autograph. Tell him about the blog! Who knows, maybe he's a closet internet junkie! Er, that's assuming he still even likes the Blue Jays...

  2. Good advice hodesworthe, I imagine I will just stand there and freeze, eventually handing over something for something to sign. After shaking for a few moments, I'll probably manage to muster up the courage to say "J-J-J-J-Joe you are my h-h-h-hero". Maybe I should hand him a business card with my URL on it. Ha!


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