The Joe Carter Experience

Monday, September 8, 2008  |  by 

On Friday I had a chance to meet my childhood hero, Joe Carter. But unfortunately, thousands of other fans had the same thing in mind.

Hundreds upon hundreds of fans backed the outside of the Rogers Centre, and rushed their way to Gate 6A to get something signed by JC. I overheard that some folks had been waiting since 1pm - so showing up at 5:30pm simply didn't cut it. After walking up 2 levels past other folks, I pretty much knew that there was no chance in hell I was going to get Joe's autograph. But thankfully some of the ushers let us know that he was leaving soon, so if we wanted to take a few photos we should hurry down before he leaves.

Below is a quick video I shot close to the end of the signing. It was pretty funny, just before he left you can hear the crowd chanting "Stay Joe, Stay". Even one guy in front of me was pretty understanding, yelling out to JC "It's not your fault, Joe!".

It was just amazing to see Joe Carter in person - even if it was from afar. The truth is, the city of Toronto and Blue Jays fans will always love Joe Carter. When they showed a video highlight reel of his career, the Rogers Centre rose to thunderous applause when they replayed his most famous walkoff home in the '93 World Series.

Although Joe didn't play, my favourite active player Alex Rios did not disappoint that night - hitting 2 homeruns on Friday. I can say that Alex easily made up for not getting a single hit in any of the Blue Jays games I have been to previously this season. Let's say it was an unofficial "passing of the torch" - Carter to Rios, one future Hall Of Famer to another (hopefully).

At least for next year, if Joe Carter does do another Flashback Friday I'll be sure to show up super super early. Until then, I guess I will have to dream what it will be like to have something signed by Touch 'em All Joe. I guess , either that or I can use my left hand to sign something and trick myself that it was signed by Joe!


  1. i love joe carter as much as the next guy, but he's no hall of famer

  2. @bs:

    If ya ain't got somethin nice to say, don't say nothin at all. Esp. when it comes to JC. Too bad you can't be banned you for writing shiite like that.

  3. ok, i love joe carter for obvious reasons, but he did not receive enough votes to remain on the HoF ballot, therefore, not a hall of famer.

  4. Oh well, at least he's in the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame! At second glance, his .259 average is WAY too low to be on a HOF ballot. But his career HR's and RBI's are something to consider.


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