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Sunday, September 21, 2008  |  by 

Today, the Boston Red Sox officially packed their bags for the post season, while sending the Blue Jays just packing.

I pretty much figured this would be an easy win for the Red Sox since Scott Richmond was pitching, but they couldn't even give him one damn run in support. I feel bad for poor Scott Richmond, who is still looking for his first big league win. The problem today was that he was up against the Big Bad Red Sox. It also didn't help, that the Jays only managed two hits all day.

Much like Travis Snider in this picture, today the Blue Jays watched their playoff hopes sail overhead for yet another year. It's been a tough last few days for the Jays - as their priorities for the 2009 season have shifted from signing a big bat, to restoring the starting pitching.

On Jays Talk today, Mike Wilner mirrored my thoughts that the Jays need to sign a "placeholder" in the starting rotation like Derek Lowe. Surprisingly, he hasn't pitched all that bad this year. With a 14-11 record, and 3.41 ERA. Yes, this is the same guy who had a 21-8 record with the Boston Red Sox in 2002. It looks like it might not take a boatload of money to sign him - anywhere around 10-12 million a year will probably do it. But the kicker is that Derek Lowe has the Soul Reaver as his agent. Yeesh.

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