The Twins are in Town

Tuesday, September 2, 2008  |  by 

Not the cinematic classic. Not the coked out twins who used to be on Full House. Not even the most famous sweater meat in the world. The world's 4th most famous set of Twins to visit the Jays this week are the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins success in the 2008 season has basically been overshadowed by the Rays Cinderella season, and the Cubbies Quest for glory. But quietly the Minnesota Twins have put together a solid team that currently sits in first place in the American League Central. And this is even after they dealt away their ace Johan Santana in the offseason.

At this point, the Jays are playing for third place while the Twins are playing for a playoff spot. So watch for a lot of hustle from this young twins team hungry for the post season. Speaking of hungry, someone feed Mary-Kate and Ashley - they're looking kind of starved.

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