Game 7 Showdown

Sunday, October 19, 2008  |  by 

Give the Boston Red Sox one inch, and they will take a mile. Now, they're going the distance to the World Series.

The turning point came in the 7th inning of Game 5 of the ALCS. Once Terry Francona put Jonathan Papelbon in the game early, that was the signal that he was going to stop the bleeding and that the Boston Red Sox would turn things around. And they did.

Now it's the Red Sox that have all the momentum going into Game 7. If anything, these 2008 MLB playoffs have lacked a little excitement. But thanks to this ALCS, things are no longer so lopsided.

If recent history plays true, the long ball will play a big part in tonight's game. B.J. Upton already has a record-tying 7 homeruns in this series - that's just 2 less than he hit all season long. Jason Varitek contributed an extremely rare clutch at bat in game 6 with a game-tying HR in the 6th. Can you believe this is the same guy that hit .220 all year long? He might as well enjoy it, because guys like Varitek and Matt Stairs don't usually get much attention for their offensive contributions.

There is almost no doubt that the Red Sox will come back and complete the upset. In fact, they've done it twice in the past 5 years - with their backs up against the walls, the Sawks have fought off elimination time and time again. So who's to say it won't happen again tonight?


  1. Matt Garza is to say it won't happen again tonight. Dude's pitching a gem. Garza really messed up the Jays this year, and I hated facing him. But tonight, I'm his biggest fan.

    Come on Rays...pull it out.

  2. Yepp, he was good tonight! Hence the ALCS MVP - very deservingly so.

  3. Too bad I picked games 1 and 6 to go to! Everyone is razzing me at work, saying I'm bad luck. Rays win! Feel the Heat! Imagine if someone put all their money on the Rays at the beginning of the year. I hope you will now be on board with the Rays for the World Series.

  4. Sorry hodesworthe, there is a gentleman on the Phillies by the name of Matt Stairs who I would like to see crush about 5 pinch hit bombs and get himself a world series ring.

    Also, personally I would have given the ALCS MVP to Upton.

  5. I'm torn between the Phillies and the Rays - I want to see the Rays complete the Cinderella Story season, but as Dave mentioned I also want to see Stairsy get a ring.

    As far as ALCS MVP goes, I guess it could've gone either way between Garza and Upton. 4 HR and 11 RBI's in the series is pretty impressive. I'm just pissed that Eric Hinske could win another ring just by sitting on the bench!


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