I'm Accidentally a White Sox Fan

Wednesday, October 1, 2008  |  by 

As a Blue Jays fan, I hate to say this ... but only by accident, I am a Chicago White Sox Fan. So how the hell do you "accidentally" become a White Sox Fan? Let me explain ...

For the past few years, my father has gone to these annual courses in Chicago. He knows I'm a baseball fan, so he always asks what kind of hat I would like. 2 years ago, I asked for a Cubbies hat, and he returned with a White Sox hat. I'm sure it's very easy to confuse the north side with the south side of Chicago, but at the time I was hoping for a Chicago Cubs hat. At the time it was probably cooler to be a White Sox fan, since they had just won the World Series the previous season.

So the next year, my father came back with a Chicago White Sox sign, and I added it to my collection of White Sox merchandise.

The kicker of it all, is that he just recently returned from a trip in Seattle, and I specifically said "Do not bring me back a Seattle Mariners hat because the team sucks". He must have thought I was kidding, because here's what I just brought back home tonight.

Oh well, at least all I have to do is collect 26 more team caps and I'll have them all. So I guess ... go White Sox?

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