It’s Always Sunny in St. Petersburg

Monday, October 20, 2008  |  by 

Although the Philadelphia Phillies already punched their ticket to the World Series, for now the spotlight is shifting to the Tampa Bay Rays. After disposing of the Big Bad Red Sox, everyone in St. Petersburg Florida is beaming from ear to ear.

Nay-sayers, doubters, skeptics and odds-makers are all eating their words that the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays could not make it to the World Series. I myself am included.

Matt Garza was at his best last night; and much like he stifled the Blue Jays bats all season long, Garza held the Red Sox to just 1 run all night. Although he was a little inconsistent throughout the season, when Matt Garza is on, he fires on all cylinders. It just so happens that Game 7 of the ALCS was his night to kick it into overdrive.

But I have to give credit to the Boston Red Sox for coming back to push the series to a Game 7. Tampa Bay had the champagne on ice and the clubhouse covered in dropsheets before the Red Sox came back. But I just find it an absolute joke that Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek is still wearing his “C” after batting .053 in the ALCS. Their precious “leader” had one single hit in the whole series; talk about over-rated. Maybe that “C” on his jersey stands for “Can’t even hit a beachball in the postseason”.

So congratulations to all the members of the Tampa Bay Rays, except for one - Eric Hinske. Can you believe this guy might possibly win back-to-back World Series rings as a benchwarmer? Unlike postseason hero Matt Stairs, Shitske does absolutely nothing to better the Rays. He just floats from team to team picking up as much hardware as he possibly can, making himself appear as a better player than he actually is.

The World Series starts Wednesday, and it should be one for the ages - go Rays/Stairsy!


  1. I didn't see Shitske in the celebrations, and that's odd, because he's usually all over that shit.

    Even though Garza bent the Jays over his knee and thoroughly spanked us this year, I was genuinely happy for the guy yesterday. He's a great pitcher. He really went after the Sox last night and challenged them.

    And Tek sucks. I really enjoyed watching him suck so bad.

  2. I just checked the postseason rosters, and Shitske isn't even on there. He probably won't even be on the World Series roster either, so there's no chance in hell he will hit any pinch-hit HR's.


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