Toronto Wants to get in on the Manny Show

Friday, October 3, 2008  |  by 

Who doesn't watch Manny Ramirez light it up in Los Angeles, and wonder what he could do the same for Toronto? Arguably, he was the best offensive player in the NL in the second half, and now it looks like his team will be on their way to the NLCS unless the Chicago Cubs can pull a rabbit out of their hat and win the next three.

Your votes on the Blue Jay Hunter poll basically solidified what everyone already knew: the Toronto Blue Jays need Manny Ramirez in their lineup next year. Manny took 57 % percent of the vote for "Which free agent would you like to see in a Blue Jays uniform in '09". Coming in second was Jim Thome with 23 percent of the vote. After talking to Tim Dierkes of, he notified me that Thome apparently met his atbat requirement for 2009 or something, so he will not be a free agent next year. So that leaves us with Derek Lowe at 15 percent of the vote, and Jason Giambi at 3 percent.

Obviously it would be a wet dream come true if Manny were to come to Toronto next year, but the further the Dodgers go in the playoffs, the more money Manny will likely make next year. Which means Toronto will likely be out of the running against team with higher payrolls. But I see this as a great opportunity to pick up Derek Lowe, who was absolutely stellar against the Cubbies.

Either way, the Jays need to pick up one of those Dodgers in the offseason - especially if Burnett walks. Besides, the Manny show would fight right here in Toronto. Season premiere next April anyone?

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