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Now the Phillies are just one win away from winning the World Series, and so begins my countdown to the winter baseball drought. Damn, I don't want this season to end!

Last week, the Jays bid adieu to one half of Mencherson, designating Kevin Mench for assignment to make room for Brian Bullington - a former number one draft pick in the 2002 draft (yes, the same 2002 draft where the Blue Jays drafted Russ Adams). Also the same draft that the New York Mets took Scott Kazmir, but traded him for Victor Zambrano and Bartolomé Fortunato. But of course, we don't need to remind Mets fans about that bone-headed move.

After letting go of Matt Stairs, the Blue Jays upped their Canadian Content and added Adam Loewen to the team. He's a former pitcher looking to pull a Rick Ankiel and switch to either first base or the outfield. The Drunk Jays Fans actually picked up a great story about how a blogger from Baltimore listing all the things he would do if Loewen was actually traded. Well, aren't we feeling a little regretful? I couldn't help but notice that in the photo to the left, Loewen looks very B.J. Ryan-esque.

Apparently Paul Beeston, J.P. Ricciardi, A.J. Burnett and his agent had a good old-fashioned round table discussion about A.J.'s future with the team. It sounds like one of those instances where your boss calls you into the office, and you're expecting to get a raise only to find out your ass is being thrown out the door. All parties are being fairly tight lipped right now, but it seems like there's possibly an offer with around 14-15 million a year for A.J. but for no longer than 3 years. The more and more I think about it, I don't think the Jays should resign A.J. Right now things seem pretty desperate for the starting pitching, and Burnett's agent probably senses that - which is why they will no doubt reject any offer that Beeston/Ricciardi offer them.

Back to the World Series, unfortunately my quote was not featured in the Wall Street Journal article I mentioned earlier this week, but I urge you to check it out nonetheless. WSJ reporter Ashby Jones even got a chance to talk to former Jay Matt Stairs about his thoughts on the Happy Heckler.

I just realized that the baseball drought this winter might not be so bad. I remembered that there's the World Baseball Classic in March to keep us occupied. The Tourney begins on March 5th in Toyko, with games scheduled at the Rogers Centre for March 5th-12th. I guess the only Canadian representative on the team will probably be Scott Richmond. Or will people complain about him missing a chance to represent his country to play in the big leagues AGAIN? If so, maybe Matty Stairs can inspire some greatness in the Canadian team by showing off his soon-to-be World Series ring!

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