Who wants a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008  |  by 

There is almost as much demand for a Red Sox & Dodgers World Series as there was for the Olsen Twins to turn 18. While the story of the 2008 regular season may have been Tampa Bay Rays, the World Series that everyone now wants to see is Manny vs. The Massholes.

Out of all the potential World Series match ups that could happen, this is probably the most interesting. Manny Ramirez the “cancer in the locker room” comes back to haunt his old team - yes the media would certainly have a shitstorm with the prospect of that situation.

On Jeremy Accardo's latest blog, he also talks about how he hopes it will be a Sox/Dodgers World Series. I personally am still standing by my Red Sox/Phillies prediction, but also agree that the ratings for a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series would be through the roof. After some lackluster Division Series, let's hope the League Championship Series are a little less yawn-worthy.

And just in case you're wondering what a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series might sound like, have a listen to my attempt at what might be the worst Boston accent EVER.


  1. Count me in... as someone who does NOT want this to happen. I'm sick of Boston's success, and just don't think I could handle all the media hype that would come with the MLB's Boston-LA rematch of the NBA finals. I want Tampa-Philly - a series no one would watch outside of Philly.

  2. Oh right, I totally forgot that if it's a Red Sox/Dodgers series, that would be the second Boston/LA finals of the year. And much like the NBA Finals, the concept of the series itself will get more attention than the players in the series.

    I personally want to see a Phillies/Red Sox series, but anything can happen right?

  3. damn you, Ian. i thought you would show my Trop Boys
    some love. DAMN YOU! *shakes fist at the Canadian border*

  4. Hode, sorry man but I have to give the edge to the Red Sox because they have the postseason experience. I like Tampa, but Boston gets has the slight advantage. Either way, it's going to be a helluva series!


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