The Best Moustaches in Baseball

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It seems so simple - just a grouping of hair below the nose. But to many men, it’s much more than that. It’s a symbol of manhood that transcends generations, races, and yes even sports. I am of course talking about one of the finest facial hair styles in history - the moustache.

Some of our favourite baseball players have had some iconic staches throughout the years, so it's very fitting that this month we take a moment to reflect on some of the greatest moustaches in baseball during Movember.

Movember was founded in 1999 by a bunch of Australian guys, and much like the moustache itself, Movember has grown into a incredible worldwide phenomenon. For the month of November, men are encouraged to grow a mo (which is Australian slang for moustache) to help to raise awareness of men’s issues such as prostate cancer.

There have been many men throughout baseball that have sported some pretty impressive mo's, so in honour of Movember, let’s look back at some of the best moustaches in baseball.

Randy Johnson

When he’s not taking out his frustrations on cameramen or hurling baseballs at innocent doves, Randy Johnson is coiffing his moustache. Not only has the Big Unit solidified his place in moustache history, but he also grows a pretty sick mullet too.

Dennis Eckersley

A sign of true commitment to a moustache, is sticking with it to the very end. Such is the case with Dennis Eckersley - he’s still sporting his stache today, even though he’s been retired for over 10 years. Eckersley also rocks a wicked mullet, but whatever you do … don’t tell him that.

Rollie Fingers

Not only was Fingers a pioneer in relief pitching, he became an icon in the facial hair department for his curly moustache. Looking at some of the old photos of Fingers, he could easily be mistaken for a Bond villain thanks to his very neatly-tailored yet eccentric moustache.

Don Mattingly

Mr. Burns may have ordered Don Mattingly to shave his sideburns on The Simpsons, but he sad nothing about his Tom Sellick-like moustache. Some may argue that the source of Mattingly's talent was his moustache, but we all know that it was in fact in his sideburns. So after Mr. Burns ordered him to shave them, it was all downhill from there for Mattingly.

Rod Beck

Much like list members Randy Johnson and Dennis Eckersley, Rod Beck will be well known for rocking the mullet/moustache combo. Beck passed away in 2007, but the legacy of his stache will live on forever.

Rich "Goose" Gossage

Here’s another Hall of Famer that is not only remembered for throwing high heat, Gossage might be better known for rocking a moustache that would make even Ron Jeremy stand at attention. Although over the years, Gossage’s stache transformed into a handlebar stache, and is starting to look more and more like Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers.

Dave Stieb

It may have taken his legendary Jays pitcher 4 attempts to finally get a no-hitter, but Dave Stieb's moustache was always firing on all cylinders. There is a legend that in addition to his potent fastball, slider, and wicked curveball, Stieb also had a secret pitch called the "Stieb Stacheball".

Wade Boggs

Not only are there epic tales of Boggs’ ability to slam back Miller Lites, but he also cracked the Blue Jay Hunter’s top ten list of best moustaches in baseball. He might be a famed Yankee, but we have to give props that Wade Boggs has massacred thousands if not millions of beers thanks to the power of the stache.

So if you want to follow in the footsteps of some of the pioneers in baseball moustache history, make sure you ditch your razor for the rest of November and grow a moustache to participate in November. Then once we get into December, guys make sure you keep your wooly coat in check for the winter with a Philips Bodygroom. If you're a Wookie in human's clothing, check out for more tips on trimming that holiday sweater. I even tried out the bodygroom myself, and will be donating the accumulated hair to make several quilts for those who are less fortunate.

Thanks to all our players featured in the best moustaches of baseball, and for opening doors for other acceptable forms of facial hair in baseball such as the mutton chops, the soul patch, and the goatees. Be sure to vote over on the poll in the sidebar for your favourite moustache in baseball. Keep those razors sharp, and those staches clean!


  1. Give me Rod Beck's three sided dickduster or give me death!

  2. Your wish is currently in limbo with the gods of Stache. Luckily, Rod Beck is the commish up there ...

  3. I gotta go with Rollie. To actually take the time to get that little rounding thing going on... weird.

  4. Yeah, it's gotta be Rollie...That shit is out of control...

  5. For sure! Not only does Rollie Fingers look like he should be a Bond villan, the name sounds like a henchman from "The Man with the Golden Gun".

  6. How did you ever leave Dennis Lamp or Alan Hrabosky off this list??

    1. Neil, I didn't forget about them ... I swear! Hrabosky is in Part Two and Lamp is in Part Three.


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