Ricciardi not clowning around with Free Agents

Wednesday, November 19, 2008  |  by 

If MLB were a high school dance, the Blue Jays would be emo-kid in the corner drinking Wiser’s and watching everyone else have a great time out on the dance floor.

In other words, it looks like the Jays will not be getting involved in the free agent frenzy.

In an interview with Jays beat reporter Jordan Bastian, J.P. himself denied rumors that the Jays would be looking to sign a free agent big bat this winter. So you can pretty much forget about seeing Jason Giambi, Rafael Furcal, or Milton Bradley in a Blue Jays uniform next season. That’s really unfortunate, because now it looks like the tandem of Adam Lind and Travis Snider will be rocking the tandem DH spot next year.

Ricciardi didn’t say anything about adding another starting pitcher, but methinks that he doesn’t plan on picking up anybody in the Brad Penny, Randy Johnson, or Derek Lowe realm either. With that said, it looks like the only off-season acquisitions the Blue Jays might make are through trade. The all-seeing eye Tim at MLBTR noted that the Griffster thinks that the Beej, Johnny Mac, Lyle Overbay and Jason Frasor could be dangled as trade bait.

I like the Tao’s idea of trading for J.J. Hardy, because the Brewers are definitely in need of a closer after Solomon Torres split. We could swap Ryan and maybe another player like Jason Frasor for Hardy.

B.J. for J.J? I can see the annoying blog title posts already …

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