Time to Hand Out Some Hardware

Wednesday, November 5, 2008  |  by 

Today, the MLB announced the winners of the 2008 NL Gold Glove Awards. The Gold Gloves are a little tricky, because they are not based solely on fielding percentage (which you think it would be based on). Winners included Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Nate McLouth and Greg Maddux. I've always wondered why they even give Gold Glove awards to pitchers ... it's not like hitters have a chance to win the Cy Young award.

Tomorrow, MLB will release its winners of the AL Gold Glove Awards. I figure the only player on the Jays that has a legitimate shot of winning one is recent tradebait Lyle Overbay. He posted a pretty respectable .997 fielding percentage with 155 assists in 2008.

More hardware will be handed out this December with the 2008 This Year in Baseball Awards. Fans can now vote online in categories covering all positions, as well as Play of the Year, Odditiy of the Year, and best Postseason Moment. Of course, our good old boy Roy is nominated for Starting Pitcher of the Year, and Scotty Downs for Setup Man of the Year. Be sure to vote often, so those Massholes and Yankee fans don't flood the voting.

Now for some awards of the follicle kind, Mop Up Duty did a great article today on The Best Hair in Blue Jays History. All your favourite coifs are there, including The Grube's, Stieber, Zauny's, and the Beej. As a man who has come to grips with the fact that my hair is retreating, I found it enjoyable to live vicariously through the famous hairdo's from former/current Blue Jays. In related news, I will be posting an article about the Best Moustaches in Baseball sometime next week. It will feature the most famous staches from players past and present - and yes, Rollie Fingers will be included.


  1. Who would you give your 2008 Toronto Blue Jays gold glove to?

  2. My heart says Joe Inglett, but my head says Lyle Overbay.


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