A.J. and C.C. - New Best Friends

Thursday, December 18, 2008  |  by 

Just when we thought there could be no friendship to equal that of A.J. Burnett and Roy Halladay, it looks like Burnett has found a new best friend.

Today the New York Yankees unveiled their two latest off season acquisitions in C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. From the photos of the press conference, Burnett looks as happy as a school girl who has finally made the cheerleading squad.

This was also another opportunity for Karen Burnett (wife of A.J.) to make another rare appearance. As you can see below, this is just more evidence that she took Hulk Hogan's advice and has been taking her vitamins and saying her prayers for a long time.
Karen, and A.J.'s two kids A.J. Junior and Ashton were also on hand for the ceremony.

In other pointless observations, I couldn't help but notice that it looks like either the Yankees gave Sabathia an XXXL size jersey, or he is a very, very, big boy. It almost looks as if he's wearing a dress!

We wish A.J. all the best in his new friendship with C.C. Sabathia, but remind him that there is no substitution for a good old bear hug from the Doc.


  1. finally a pic of the missus. proud moment for the couple brought her out i guess! man, i can't wait to boo AJ!

  2. I guess they always come out when the big money press conferences happen.

  3. My first reaction was, "wow, they're short." Then I remembered that both AJ and CC are giraffes.

  4. Sabathia is 6'7" and 290 pounds, Burnett is 6'5" and 230 pounds. So yeah, anyone standing next to them probably looks like they're the size of a Lego character.

  5. C.C. is a LOT of man. What a tubby.


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