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Roy Halladay - Puppy Eater

If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to check out Lloyd the Barber’s post “A Day in the Existence of Roy Halladay” on Ghostrunner on First. It has my vote for Blue Jays blog post of the year, as it breaks down the Doc’s daily rituals as he sets out to be the world’s best professional pitcher. It’s a hilarious read time and time again. Even Halladay himself might crack a smile if he read it - it’s that good.

Trade Doc?

Baseball writers are obviously hallucinating from the impending winter baseball drought, as some folks are suggesting that the Blue Jays trade their most valued commodity in Roy Halladay. Listen guys, no matter how grim things look for the 2009 season, no matter what you do not trade your franchise player. I know we might be looking at a similar situation in Sundin with the Leafs, but Halladay is nowhere near close to being done playing in Toronto. If within the next 3-4 years the Blue Jays don’t make it close, do the respectable thing and give him the chance to win a ring with a contender.

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Last week, Paul Beeston said there was a chance that the Blue Jays might still have a shot at bringing A.J. Burnett back to Toronto. Beeston claimed that the Jays might opt to just save the $24 million Burnett left behind, rather than use it to sign some free agents. As a fan, hearing the news that the Blue Jays will probably just hold onto the money rather than spend it is frustrating.

As the President and General Manager of the Blue Jays, Beeston and Ricciardi should we working to build excitement for the 2009 season, not deflating expectations. Even if the team is going to be taking some cost-cutting measures, don’t tell the media that. Season ticket holders probably wouldn’t appreciate the fact that head office is just going to save some money for a rainy day, they want immediate results.

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