Mets bullpen is K-Putz

Thursday, December 11, 2008  |  by 

Just when it looked like the New York Mets were done rebuilding their bullpen, they added another arm to the mix. Yesterday they dealt away 7 players to bring in J.J. Putz as their new setup man. Putz will likely bounce back after having an awful year, and the New York Mets could very well have gone from the worst bullpen in the NL, to the best.

I think the new name for the Mets’ bullpen team should be “K-Putz”. Think of K-Rod and Putz as a 70’s cop duo enlisted to shut down offense in late-innings - the show premieres in early April.

Just want to say thanks to the fellas at Drunk Jays Fans for linking to us yesterday for the “Confirmed Fox: Karen Burnett” article. It appears that hundreds of folks were curious as to the level of hotness of Karen Burnett, and you were rewarded with this picture. Nice work, A.J.

In Blue Jays Winter Meetings news, J.P. is kicking the tires on a few infielders, most notably Rafael Furcal. The Jays are one of four teams in the hunt to sign Furcal, but it looks like his agent wants a 3-4 year deal upwards of $44 million. Ricciardi likely doesn’t have that kind of money to play with anyway.

Apparently, the Jays are interested in Astros third basemen Ty Wiggington. It’s no surprise that the Astros are hoping to cut payroll, but why would the Blue Jays want another corner infielder? Scott Rolen is the starting third basemen, Jose Bautista is the utility infielder, so why the need for a third third baseman? The only reason I can think of is that they’re considering trading Overbay, and they might move Bautista or whoever over to first.

As the search continues for a backup for Rod Barajas, the Jays are interested in the services of former Montreal Expo Michael Barret. With no official #2 catcher announced, J.P. might check his pocket change to see if the Jays can afford a cheaper alternative to Gregg Zaun.

Last but not least, the Yankees accountants’ are going to be working a lot of overtime, as the Yankees to prepare to spend a shitload of money on whoever they can get their hands on. After landing Sabathia, it looks like their next target is A.J. Burnett, which would make those Jays/Yankees match ups even more enjoyable to watch. I can’t wait for those divisional games next season.


  1. "k-putz" is great! supposedly the "green" guy in that 3 way deal is the cats meow. watch for him to eat some critical innings for the mets this upcoming season.

  2. When I first heard about the trade, I thought it was Shawn Green that was going back to the Mets (as in former Blue Jay Shawn Green). Turns out that Shawn Green is retired anyway.


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