We’ll miss ya, Uncle Teddy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008  |  by 

I was saddened to learn this morning that the CEO of Rogers Communications Ted Rogers passed away due to heart failure. As much as we all joked around that J.P. Ricciardi was playing with Rogers’ money, Ted really was a huge media mogul in Canada. He changed the way Canadians read, watch, listen and talk.

Aside from owning the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rogers Centre, Rogers owns 13 magazines, 11 TV channels, and over 50 radio stations. Ted Rogers will probably be most remembered for bringing FM radio to the mainstream in Canada through CHFI in Toronto.

Rogers' acquisition of the Toronto Blue Jays was the first step in bringing the Blue Jays back into contention in the American League East by increasing team spending, and with an overhaul of the Skydome.

We’ll miss ya Uncle Teddy, we hope you’re in a better place.

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