An Apology to J.P. Ricciardi

Thursday, January 8, 2009  |  by 

I just realized that my recent frustrations with the lack of the Blue Jays off season signings should not really be directed towards J.P. Ricciardi. After taking some time to cool off and reading some comments from Stoeten at DJF and Lloyd the Barber at GRoF, I realized that I should instead direct my grievances towards Rogers Media Inc. for tightening the purse strings on the 2009 season.

As General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, Ricciardi does control player transactions such as trades and free agent signings. But if Rogers limits his spending (as it is widely publicized this off season), then there is really nothing he can do about it.

As the face of the Blue Jays front office, Ricciardi gets a lot of unwarranted criticism. But after scorning him for not signing Jason Giambi, I understand that there is probably nothing more that J.P. wanted than to have another Oakland Athletic alumni under his wing.

My apologies, John Paul. I hope we're still cool.


  1. J.P. looks like a pimp in that picture.

  2. maybe that how he spends his time nowadays. he's got no baseball budget to spend!

  3. Be careful what you say guys. Remember what happened to the last guy who called J.P. a pimp? He got traded to the D-Backs.

  4. The purse strings are only going to get tighter for the next few years. Judging by contract lengths, I think 2010 will be the Jays' last good season for a long time.


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