DH Clearance Sale

Monday, January 5, 2009  |  by 

Here I was, ready to blog about how there were still a tonne of big bats out on the market, and then Pat Burrell and Milton Bradley had to ruin it all.

Now that it appears the Tampa Bay Rays have signed Pat Burrell, and the Cubbies have locked up Milton Bradley. So now the DH pool is getting shallower and shallower by the week. Here is a look at some of the big bats that are still available - none of which the Blue Jays will be going after, unfortunately.

Manny Ramirez (37 HR, 121 RBI)
Probable Suitors: Dodgers, Giants

Ramirez is a Scott Boras client, so of course whatever team signs Manny is going to get f*cked financially (just picture a dollar sign giving it to them from behind). Ultimately, I think Manny will just float back to the Dodgers because so far they have offered him the most money.
There is a possibility that he might travel across the bay to the Dodgers, but I think it's unlikely.

Jason Giambi (32 HR, 96 RBI)

Probable Suitor: Athletics

If Giambi gets his way, he just might return to the team where he discovered the magic of HGH. Watch for him to take a huge pay cut this season, as there is no way in hell he will make anywhere close to the $23 million he was paid in 2009.

Adam Dunn (40 HR, 100 RBI)
Probable Suitors: Nationals, Orioles

Did you know that Adam Dunn doesn’t even like baseball? Did you also know that he also tried out for the Mousekateers when he was a child, but the producer said he looked like a lumberjack? Regardless of that, it looks like Dunn will either sign with the Cubs or Nationals. Basically, whatever team didn't land Milton Bradley will pick up Adam Dunn. Plus, the Nationals would probably be willing to spend a shitload on Dunn since they were the original favourite to sign Mark Teixeira.

Bobby Abreu (20 HR, 100 RBI)
Probable Suitor: Dodgers, Athletics

Abreu is probably the least talked-about big bat that should be paid attention to. In the last 6 seasons, he has quietly hit 100+ RBI’s and has hit 20+ HR in 5 of his last 6 years. Abreu’s name gets lost among the talk about ManRam and Bradley, but Bobby is truly a solid player. Whichever team signs him will likely get him at a discount, too.


  1. i hope this Manny thing last as long as the Sundin Saga. that would be a bloggin' hoot! i'd like Abreu as a jay! its the best fit IMHO

  2. Abreu would be great in Toronto, but J.P. won't sign anybody. Dammit!


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