Padres get Grittier with Eckstein

Friday, January 16, 2009  |  by 

Why is it that whenever coaches mention David Eckstein, they always use the word "grit" or something equivalent to it. So Eckstein signs with the Padres, and the first thing out of the mouth of Padres' coach Bud Black is this:

"The way he goes about the daily grind of playing baseball is going to be great for our younger service-time players to watch."

Of course after hearing John Gibbons and J.P. Ricciardi sing the praises of Eckstein last year, I understand that this previous statement actually translates to this:

"That Eckstein is a short motherf*cker, so good for him."

Eckstein is a short guy at 5'7", I get it. But don't recall anyone describing Dustin Pedroia as "gritty", and he's around the same height. Just don't confuse "grit" with "lack of height". Grit is not a substitute for talent, it's just an excuse for why a player hasn't had an All-Star season since 2006.


  1. Ian, I fucking love that picture.

    If Aaron Hill struggles this season, I am going to find Eckstein, and step on him.

  2. Same here. Here's to no consussion-inducing collisions for the Blue Jays in 2009!

  3. What a waste of cash he was. If only we had that $4.5mil this year. The last thing we needed was another 2B.

  4. I know, Andy. That could have been Manny money!

  5. Evan Brunell has some good analysis on the signing.

    "Despite doing what he had always done in his time in Toronto, he was benched and later moved to the Arizona Diamondbacks as Toronto manager Cito Gaston preferred John McDonald's glove. Eckstein gives the Padres a solid complementary player at second during a season in which they're expected to lose games... a lot of them. Eckstein may have two World Series rings, but let's be realistic about what he brings on offense: he can hold his own on average, has a good eye and no power. Wouldn't surprise me to see him hit zero home runs next year playing 81 games in Petco Park."


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