Presenting Team Canada

Monday, January 19, 2009  |  by 

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your Team Canada roster for the World Baseball Classic. As predicted, pitchers such as Jeff Francis and Rich Harden announced their participation, but notably absent was Ryan Dempster. Representing the Jays will be Scott Richmond, and this time he will have the opportunity to represent his country proudly after missing out on the olympics back in August.

Just like the 1992 USA Basketball Dream Team, the 2009 USA WBC roster is also stacked. It's full of All Stars like Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, Ryan Braun, Scott Kazmir and Grady Sizemore. Blue Jays Vernon Wells and B.J. Ryan will be wearing the additional red and white to their regular blue uniforms. Alex Rios signed on to the Puerto Rican Team, and Rod Barajas will backstop for Team Mexico.

I have a feeling this WBC will be much better than the last. So long as Canada doesn't get eliminated by a technicality.


  1. So what are the odds that Team Canada makes it to the finals where the world witnesses Rich Harden throwing his arm out before the season even starts? Maybe a long shot... but is it *that* far out? haha.

  2. Can you imagine? Team Canada makes it to the finals where Harden is the MVP. Then he watches his Cubs win the World Series as he sits on the DL. It definitely could happen - but more likely that Harden just injures himself. Has he had an injury-free season yet?

  3. looks like cheering team canada will be the best thing to do this year at the dome. jays are already saying forget about 2009.


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