Rejected Blue Jays Giveaway Days

Monday, January 12, 2009  |  by 

For some reason, there's something satisfying about walking away with a free trinket after spending over $100 dollars at the ballpark. And I don't mean the five-finger discount at the Jays Shop, I mean legitimately bringing home a free souvenir from a Blue Jays Giveaway Day.

Last week, the Blue Jays announced their 2009 giveaway days. Although many of us are very excited about receiving our Blue Jays Webkinz, let's take a look at some of the giveaway days that didn't make the cut.

Blue Jays Snuggie Giveaway

I can't take total credit for this ingenious idea, but I did pick up the suggestion after looking through the comments on Drunk Jays Fans. Imagine 10,000 fans draped in their official Toronto Blue Jays Snuggie! Since the commercial even suggests that it's completely normal to wear these at sporting events, why not take the lead make this a giveaway day? Maybe instead of the 7th inning stretch, fans can participate in a mid game Gregorian chant.

Aramark Vendor T-Shirt Giveaway

At this giveaway, the first 15,000 fans would be given a free yellow Aramark t-shirt so they could all look like their most famous former employee Wayne McMahon. Hilarity would ensue after everybody assumes every body is a beer vendor, and fights erupt mostly in the 500 section.

Aaron Hill Concussion Bobble Head

Aaron Hill may not recall his famous collision with David Eckstein last season, but you can remember it for years to come with this commemorative bobble head.

Surprisingly enough, the Blue Jays instead chose to have a Lyle Overbay bobble head giveaway day on April 19th. Here's just a quick suggestion to the Blue Jays marketing department; maybe don't have a promotional day focused on a player who has been talked about being trade bait. Maybe that way, we can avoid the whole Frank Thomas bobble head day fiasco.

J.P. Ricciardi Disguise Giveaway Day

Since fans constantly enjoy criticizing the Blue Jays GM's every move, they can spend a day inside his nose during J.P. Ricciardi Disguise Giveaway Day. If this giveaway day is held on a Wednesday, fans will be welcome to join Mike Wilner in the Fan590 booth to answer questions on "Wednesdays with J.P.", but must be done with a bawston accent. Not pictured here, also comes with a pair of wrap-around sunglasses.


  1. LOL.

    Snuggies are creepy. They make you look like you're in the Heaven's Gate cult or something.

  2. Snuggies are certainly not creepy. The commercials, maybe a little. I laughed out loud when I saw the crowd cheering with their druid-colored snuggies, haha. Believe it or not, I actually have on-going jokes surrounding the snuggie, haha. Awesome post.

  3. The people in the commercials really do look like they are in a cult of some sort.

    I'm considering actually ordering a Snuggie and stitching a Blue Jays logo onto the front, and then wearing it to a Jays game at the Rogers Centre.

  4. i'm definitely down with wearing yellow for a game. call it a "yellow out" or something. the confusion would be priceless!

  5. Hell yeah, it would be mad hysteria!


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