Ryan Dempster, what a joker

Monday, January 19, 2009  |  by 

I think in my subconscious I was hoping that Ryan Dempster would be named to the Team Canada Roster for the World Baseball Classic, because I had a dream about him last night.

I dreamt that I was at a Jays/Cubs game at the Rogers Centre, and I was at field level hoping to get an autograph from one of the players. All of a sudden, I see Ryan Dempster come up, so I ask him for his autograph. He kindly accepts, and signs my baseball as we are chit-chatting about Canadian culture and whatnot. I then shake his hand, and he goes in for a hug (which at the moment, seemed eerily normal).

Anyway, after he leaves I look at my baseball and notice that he has signed it "Ryan Braun". What a joker, that guy.

We'll find out for sure if Ryan Dempster will be on the roster as World Baseball Classic rosters will be announced this evening at 6pm.

In the meantime, I guess I will just daydream about other possible roster spots for Team Canada. Jason Bay, you're next!


  1. You have better dreams than me. Mine always involve being late, lost, and/or livid. Like screaming at my parents from the back seat of their car, "THE GAME STARTED HALF AN HOUR AGO!" (My folks don't even go to games.)

  2. LJ, I also have those dreams where I think I'm late (most of the time it's for work, not a Jays game luckily).


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