The Stache Signs for $4.5 million

Tuesday, January 6, 2009  |  by 

What is more sad? That the Blue Jays missed out on signing Jason Giambi, or that the A's picked him up for a piddly $4.5 million? I don't want to sound like the thousands of fans who bitch about everything that J.P. Ricciardi does or does not do, but there is no excuse why he couldn't clear up $5 million in salary to bring in a DH like Giambi.

Even if the Jays could trade Lyle Overbay, Giambi could still play first and hit in the heart of the Jays order. But instead, they will have to face off against him when the A's come to town on April 17th at the Rogers Centre.

I wouldn't expect the Blue Jays to sign anyone to a Milton Bradley or Pat Burrel-type contract, but $4.5 million for one year is a huge discount compared to the $24 million that Giambi made in 2008.

I'm sure the female fans in Toronto would've also appreciated Jason Giambi's moustache rides. I guess for now, they'll have to settle for Joe Inglett's soul patch.


  1. t'was a pipe dream to see giambi as a jay. i don't think he'd like getting searched every week at customs. just look at him! does this mean, frank thomas and he are now again on the A's? talk about what is old is new again!

  2. Add Mike Piazza, and you've got an Oakland A's reunion!

  3. It would have been nice, especially at the price, but I've convinced myself that I'm looking forward to seeing the kids play.

    Here's to Lind and Sniderman. Here's to the future.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled programming: hating Jason Giambi and his dirty, steroided-up stache.

  4. If he can grow it into a Rollie Fingers-like stache, I will bow down to Giambi.


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