Burnett's arm scheduled to fall off in 2009

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"Christian Bale’s Blood Pressure, Michael Phelps, and the odds of A.J. Burnett’s arm falling off this season. "

"What is ... high?"

I came across Razzball’s list of 20 Risky Pitchers for 2009, and although it’s a fantasy baseball article there is some great analysis on which pitcher are highly likely to find themselves on the disabled list at some point in 2009.

I’m not saying that Burnett is injury prone just because 2008 was a contract year, but after a career high 221.3 innings pitched and 231 K’s, he’s almost bound to be injured by mid season (just my prediction).

As if the Blue Jays starting rotation wasn’t already in shambles, Razzball predicts that our #2 Jesse Litsch is also a big risk in 2009. Litsch threw almost 1000 more pitches this past season, so I can see why they would think that he would be more prone to injury than the average pitcher.

Also on the list of risky pitching options are Brett Myers and Ryan Dempster. After transitioning from the bullpen to the starting rotation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dempster go down to injury. Now I see why the Cubs didn’t want him to play in the World Baseball Classic; if Dempster is going down to injury in 2009, better in a Cubs jersey rather than a Team Canada jersey.

Brett Myers has “DL” written all over him after throwing 2000 more pitches in 2008 than in 2007. Moving from the bullpen to the rotation didn’t fare too well for Myers in the first half of last season, but he came around in the second half.

I’ll try to keep all of these things in mind when drafting my fantasy baseball team this year, but if it comes to the 15th round and I still need a starter, I just might pick up good old Alan James Burnett. Don’t say I didn’t warn myself.


  1. Except that including minor league pitches, Litsch only increased his pitch count by 106, and didn't exceed 2700 for the first time, so their only injury case is his reliance on cutters, which decreased with the addition of a 4-seamer to his arsenal.

  2. Damn! You know your baseball, I just steal stats from other sites. :)


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