Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

Wednesday, February 11, 2009  |  by 

Let’s face it, there has been a lot of negative baseball news so far this week, so it was refreshing to find some refreshing and patriotic news today. The 2009 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame announced their 2009 inductees, which includes former Blue Jay Ernie Whitt, Larry Walker, Roy “Doc” Miller and Bernie Soulliere.

Although Ernie Whitt is technically an American citizen, he’s still probably about as Canadian as poutine with a side of bag of ketchup chips. I’m not sure if Ernie is still pissed at Blue Jays management or not, but I imagine he will be in good spirits at the induction ceremony. He deserves a lot of credit, and has contributed a lot to Canadian baseball through the Blue Jays, and also by coaching team Canada at the World Baseball Classic.

The induction ceremony will be held on June 20th at 11:00am in St. Mary’s. Surprisingly, I still haven’t been to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, but will probably try to take a visit there sometime this summer to check it out. Though, I’m finding it difficult to find more than two good reasons to take a trip to St. Mary’s other than to see the hall of fame, and stock up on Crystal Meth.

Road trip, anyone?


  1. Now, now, easy on St. Marys. Norman Rockwell could have painted every one of his pictures in this lovely town that Jim Fanning says "this looks like a Hollywood movie set" about! In seeking other reasons to visit our town, consider the beautiful stone architecture, the Quarry (Canada's largest outdoor swimming pool), the nicest people you'll ever meet, and also the outstanding Stratford Festival just 15 minutes up the road. See you here BlueJayHunter ... Tom Valcke, President & CEO, Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

  2. I kid,I kid! Actually, I grew up close to St. Mary's and took many a fishing trips there as a kid. I even enjoyed walking across the "falls". St. Mary's is a great town, I was just poking fun. :) Hopefully I can make it for the induction ceremony!

  3. any chance of a BJH yahoo fantasy baseball league this year?
    in other news, we just heard the BJ radio spot. it highlights 4 things to get u to buy tix. in order: 1. doc 2. the bullpen 3. alx rios 4. cito. wtf? hilarious!

  4. Good idea, woodpeck! I never thought about creating a league, but maybe if we get enough people on board I'd love to set something up.

    I can't wait to hear that Blue Jays commercial. At least it sounds like they have those priorities straight!


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