Does Vernon need a protective bubble?

Monday, February 23, 2009  |  by 

First, I lose the office Oscar Pool. Then, I notice that I’ve dropped 4 places in the standings for my Fantasy Hockey League. And now Vernon Wells is out for a month. It's safe to say that today has not been a good day.

According to Jeff Blair at the Globe and Mail, apparently V-Dub tweaked his hamstring while running an exercise earlier today. Sounds eerily similar to the same way he injured it last July - while sliding into 3rd base. It's estimated that he'll be out of for 4 weeks, and could possibly be ready for Opening Day in a limited capacity at Designated Hitter. It was just last week that we heard about how Vernon was really taking spring training seriously this year, and now this happens.

I don't want to jump the gun yet because spring training games haven't even officially started, but my blood pressure is already starting to rise. Vernon Wells is one of the big four in the lineup that really need to step it up this year, and expectations for him are higher than ever. Injuring his hamstring isn't exactly the most promising way to start the season.

After Vernon's injury-plagued seasons in 2008 and 2007, should we maybe look at buying him some sort of protective bubble that will prevent him from being injured? As I mentioned earlier, if you remember last July, Wells originally injured his hamstring after an innocent-looking routine slide into third. I didn't see this most recent injury myself, but I imagine that it was maybe a similar situation.

It's frustrating to hear about these injuries before the first pitch at Opening Day has even been thrown, but I am hopeful that Wells can get his "once-a-year" injury done and over with in spring training, and be ready to put up a solid 2009 season.


  1. first overbay and now this? when will the "madness" end? or begin? ;)

  2. I think it's already started, woodpeck. But not the good kind of madness.

  3. Dubs will be fine. Keep the faith, boys.

  4. The initial stories weren't even accurate. They didnt have the results of the MRI that didnt come out til today. He is only going to be out 2 weeks, it was mild.

    Stop pushing the panic button and give him a break!

  5. Only 2 weeks? Phew, that's good news. It's just that with Vernon lately, I've always been planning for "worst case scenario" since he was on the DL twice last year.

  6. Basketball? Don't you mean baseball?


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