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Tuesday, February 10, 2009  |  by 

With the recent developments in the baseball world, there will be no shortage of things to talk about in tonight's Live Chat. We'll be covering steroids in baseball, Alex Roidriguez, and of course the Blue Jays newest signing Matt "F*cking" Bush. Be sure to check back later tonight at 9pm EST for another edition of Live Chat!

Update: If you didn't get a chance to join us live, just click on the replay button below to check out this week's Live Chat. Thanks to the one and only Eyebleaf from Sports and the City for stopping by, woodpeck over at The Hills are Alive, Dave from Go Jays Go and Andy Mc for participating in this week's Live Chat. Hope to see you all back again next week!


  1. Fans and proud owners of David Bush jerseys must be very happy today. Their jerseys are relevant again.

    Oh, and Homer Bush too.

    Lots of Bush's round these parts.

  2. You never know. He throws heat.

  3. We better get our "Bush 69" jerseys on opening day, Navin!

  4. we'll be dusting off our Homer Bush jersey in Sept.

  5. Sorry that I didn't participate. I was asleep last night at 8 pm. True story.

  6. No problem Stephen, there's always next week!


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