Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Live Chat tonight

Be sure to check back tonight at 9pm Eastern Standard Time for another Live Chat. After the initial news about Vernon Wells yesterday, we've learned that he will actually only be out for 2 weeks instead of 4. No doubt that we'll touch on the state of Vernon Wells hamstring tonight, as well as other spring training news like the much-anticipated debut of Brett Cecil on Wednesday. Maybe we can also squash these rumours/predictions about Roy Halladay being traded too.

It's all on another edition of the Blue Jay Hunter Live Chat!


  1. Sorry dude, going to a Scotch tasting tonight.

  2. Great Oden's Raven! Who do you have to know to get tickets to a Scotch tasting ... Ron Burgundy?

  3. You have to know a lady who knows you pretty well and wants to be taken to Pleasure Town on Valentine's Day. ;) haha

    I want to read some predictions on what Bautista will look like at short. Poor fans who went to Spring Training to see some early baseball. They will be tortured.

  4. Hopefully he won't be Jos-E Bautista tomorrow.

  5. he will hit 35 HR as our SS in 2010...


  6. Bautista? Only if he takes a huge discount next year and puts up huge numbers this year.

  7. Damn it Lloyd. You took advantage of the fact that I wasn't here to rip into the most beautiful of all Canadian provinces didn't you?

    What's your problem with B.C? Annoyed we somehow produce all the quality Canadian baseball players?

    Oh and Ian, Seattle is an awesome place to watch a Jays game. I remember one game at the Kingdome when I was a kid where Mookie Wilson made a ridiculous catch and the place went crazy with "Mooooooook" cheers for a good solid minute. So many Jays' fans.

  8. couldn't make the chat. looks like it was a dandy! have u looked at the entire j's sked yet? aug 28th - oct. 4th the team has only 2 whole days off! talk about backloading the sked! 2 days for rest in 38 is nuts!

  9. Dave, I'd love to see a game at the Kingdome. Plus a chance to meet the Mariner Moose. That dude is craaaaaaazy.

    Woodpeck, I didn't realize there isn't much of a break in sked from August to Sept. I guess that's just more chances to head down to the dome!


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