Live Chat version 2.0

Friday, February 6, 2009  |  by 

Thanks again to everyone who logged on and participated in this week’s Live Chat. I’ve decided to try another one next week. Same time, same place; right here on Tuesday February 10th at 9pm.

I can’t 100 percent confirm who will be there, but there just might be some appearances from well-known Blue Jays Bloggers as well. As always, suggested topics or questions can be sent to me at and I’ll try to cover them during the Live Chat. Hope to see you here on Tuesday night!


  1. Jamie Campbell is coming?!?!!

    I should be there again.

  2. If Jamie Campbell shows up, I won't know what the hell to do.

  3. If anybody knows Jamie, tell him there is an open invite for him to join the Live Chat!

  4. i'm there. mayb late. but there.


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