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Monday, February 16, 2009  |  by 

Happy Family "Hangover" Day to everyone! It's amazing how much spring training news can happen in just a few days.

I saw an interview yesterday on Sportsnet where Barry Davis talked to A.J. Burnett. Davis was pretty frank with Burnett, asking why it was that he left Toronto. A.J.'s answer? "I guess that's why my agent put an opt-out clause in my contract". Translation - he did it for the money. In the rest of the interview, A.J. didn't seem like he had any remorse about leaving the Blue Jays, saying that most people in the same situation would probably have done the same. He also hopes to have another healthy season, trying to post back-to-back years without going on the DL. I guess it doesn't really matter to Burnett, he's making $16.5 million this year regardless. Other things that Burnett touches on is how he feels he "grew up" in Toronto, and that he hopes fans will be 50/50 on his return to Toronto this season as a Yankee. Let's just put it this way, 100 percent of Jays fans will tipping their hat to him - and not in the good hat tip way.

With spring training officially underway today, that means there are ample things to talk about during tomorrow's live chat. Why not swing by tomorrow around 9pm? With pitchers and catchers reporting for business, and positional players arriving on Friday, it will be a great time to preview the 2009 season. Join in tomorrow starting at 9pm EST for another Live Chat!

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