Mencherson Part Two

Wednesday, February 18, 2009  |  by 

Last year, J.P. Ricciardi played the part Dr. Victor Frankenstein and combined two below-average players into one below-average player. The horrifying result was known as “Mencherson”. This year’s version could very well be Millista or Bautar - a fusion of Jose Bautista and Kevin Millar.

Most people would probably prefer to have just one of these corner infielders on the team, but there is a possibility that both Bautista and Millar could clear spring training and make the 25-man roster.

Salary-wise, obviously Millar is the better choice because the Blue Jays would only have to pay him the league minimum $400,000. Bautista, on the other hand would make $2.4 million this season if he makes the team. But young Jose is a mere 27 years old, whereas “cowboy up” Kevin Millar is 37. With the departure of Gregg Zaun, Millar would probably fit in as the token “grizzled veteran” on the team.

Of course, part of being the “grizzled veteran” on the team means growing some sort of facial hair. “I can tell you I won't be shaving," Millar told the Toronto Star.

Which ever half of Bautar makes the squad, I just hope they at least put up better numbers this season than Mencherson.

Believe the Madness.


  1. That's my pick too. Though it sounds more like "Mallista". Someone pointed out during the live chat yesterday that it sounds a lot someone who likes to shop a lot. Mall-ista.

  2. They could combine to hit 25 HR, IMO. But I'd take Bautista, due to his age. He has shown some real power streaks in the past, and is headed into his age 27 season.

    Believe the Madness '09 indeed.

  3. Either or for me, I just don't like Bautista's pricetag.


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