Schilling shelling out more criticism

Monday, February 9, 2009  |  by 

It seems like everyone has an opinion on the Alex Rodriguex steroid scandal, even the most outspoken benchwarmer in baseball, Curt Schilling. Here are a few choice reader reactions taken from the comment section of his latest blog post:

“You seem to have opinions on everyone else in baseball, How about taking the 8 million you made last year to sit at home and do nothing, and giving it back to the Red Sox, Mr. Innocent, why didn’t you cooperate with the Mitchell Report? You really are a big hypocrite.”

“Curt, Why do you feel it is necessary to come out and comment on everything related to a sport you are no longer a part of? Perhaps the reason you can no longer perform at a level high enough to play, is because you can no longer use. Do you really think anyone believes a word you are saying?”

“I’m just curious Mr. Shilling can you look us all in the face and say you would have been able to pitch in the playoffs in 2004 had you not recieved that surgery and cortosone steroid shot? If your answer is no, how is that any different that what these guys have done?”

I’m sure that most of these negative comments are from Yankee fans, but they do make valid points. Curt Schilling is very quick to judge other players in the media, but did he cooperate with the Mitchell Report himself? It sounds to me like Curt is just crying out for attention once again, hoping that some of the spotlight will shine on him in the midst of this buzz about A-Rod.

I'm sure this is just one of the many things we'll cover in tomorrow night's Live Chat. Everyone is welcome to join in, starting at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. There is an open invitation for Jamie Campbell to participate, so who knows what the hell might happen. If Richard Griffin gets wind of this, it could be a Blue Jays live chat shitstorm!

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