Scott Richmond delivers

Thursday, February 26, 2009  |  by 

No hits allowed, no runs allowed, no problem.

Scott Richmond looked great in his spring training debut as the Blue Jays tromped over the Philadelphia Phillies 6-2 earlier today. Richmond pitched two scoreless innings, facing 7 batters and striking out one. The only blemish on his outing today was that he beaned a batter, but obviously Scott was practicing throwing at A-Rod. Travis Snider mashed again, with a homerun and another long fly ball that almost made it out of the park.

So, are you guys ready to start drinking the Scott Richmond Kool-Aid yet? It's looking pretty good right about now ...

Just a heads up that I’ll be out of commission for a few days because I’m getting my wisdom teeth yanked. As fun as it might be to write a blog post while hopped up on Tylenol 3’s, I think I’ll just stay away from my keyboard for a few days and recuperate. As it stands now, I’m tentatively planning on live blogging the Blue Jays spring training matchup against Team Canada on Tuesday, in lieu of the regularly scheduled Tuesday live chat. For those who can’t get away from the office that day, be sure to check here for updates during the game. Scott Richmond will play the part of the Jays' opponent when he suits up in red and white for Team Canada. Sign up for the reminder below, and I'll talk to you guys again next week!


  1. no way man! write more often while on the stuff! can't wait 4 it! i'm all buzzed on the richmond kool aid right now 4 instance and i can't even get my tweets in order! fun times!

  2. Hope you're feeling 100% soon. I can't relate; I've kept my wisdom teeth. Apparently, I have a big mouth. (*shrug* Who knew?)

  3. Just had 7 teeth pulled in November. I doubt you'll even need the Tylenol 3's...just take a couple Aleve 4 times a day. Save the codiene for a rainy day!

  4. I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell! Actually, yeah I'll probably need those drugs. Gimme the good stuff!

  5. Hope the mouth's feeling better soon.

    And I'm hoping the Jays are whipin up a fresh batch of Richmond Kool-Aid soon.

  6. Thanks Nick!

    Actually, it looks like Richmond will be back on Tuesday. Unfortunately it will be AGAINST the Jays for Team Canada, but I hope he has a great outing nonetheless.


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