Turning Japanese

Monday, February 2, 2009  |  by 

If anyone has the contact info for Blue Jays scout Rob Ducey, they might want to consider getting a hold of him. If possible, can somebody ask him to ship us an advanced copy of Resident Evil 5 from Japan? Apparently Ducey and the Blue Jays will be increasing their scouting overseas, and they've started by inviting Ken Takahashi to spring training camp.

If he makes the team, Takahashi could make up to $1.5 million as a starter, but if anything he would probably just be a middle relief guy. That's a lot to pay for a 40 year old reliever who has never pitched over in North America. I'd say it's a pretty low-risk gamble, but I don't think that the Blue Jays have much to gain by adding him to the pitching staff. The bullpen is already stacked as is.

If anything, it's an excuse to watch this classic video by The Vapors. Damn, that's a catchy number!

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