Cheap Beer at the Ballpark

Sunday, March 15, 2009  |  by 

In the eternal quest to find reasonably priced beer at baseball games, I stumbled upon what could possibly be the best deal on beer in the Blue Jays farm system. The only downside is that you have to travel to Las Vegas to take advantage of it.

If you're planning a trip to Sin City at any point this spring/summer, once you've gotten your fill of casinos and Wayne Newton, why not check out at Las Vegas 51's game? Every Thursday home game is dollar beer night. Yes, dollar beer night at the ballpark. Come to the game with a cool crisp $20 bill, and leave with enough beer in your system to make even that Wayne Newton show enjoyable.

Tuesday home games at Cashman field are also "Blue Jays Tuesdays" where the Las Vegas 51's salute their neighbours to the north by playing the Canadian national anthem among other things. Show up in your Blue Jays gear or even a hockey jersey, and your ticket is just 5 dollars. I would be truly shocked if one single person game to one of those ballgames with a hockey jersey.

It doesn't even look like you have too go far out of your way to see the Blue Jays AAA affiliate, just a mere 10 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. Not only that, but the 51's have some wicked logos. I'm almost considering ordering a hat just because they look pretty wicked.

LJ from The Te of Inglett has already convinced me to head to Dunedin next year for spring training, and now I just might have to hit up Sin City too. Vegas, baby!


  1. That's an excellent picture, Ian. Love it.

    And as if we needed another reason to head to Vegas.

  2. I think a road trip might be in order. If we leave now, we can make it there and back for Opening Day at Rogers Centre!

  3. No way, wait for the 51s season to start!

    I'd really like to spend three or four nights and do a Tues-Wed-Thurs trio of games.

  4. I'll be hitting up a 51's game this season. I also think they have cheap drunk food on Thursday's like $1 hot dog and popcorn.

  5. LJ, that would be cool. I wish there was a clause in my work contract that allowed me to miss weekdays for ballgames.

    Matthias, you'll have to let us know how your trip to LV goes. Be sure to bring back one of those cool hats for all of us to see!

  6. The Asheville Tourists also have $1 beer night on Thursday home games. The Tourists are part of the Colorado Rockies system.

  7. Very nice! Are the Tourists the Double A or Triple A affiliate of the Rockies? They're probably a lot closer to Toronto than Las Vegas. Dollar beers are dollar beers!


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