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Thursday, March 19, 2009  |  by 

You know it's officially spring training when The Griff starts to makes his rounds with Toronto media outlets. I just happened to catch the tail end of Richard Griffin's interview on Prime Time Sports, and among the things he and Bob McCown talked about were:
  • Griffin thinks the Blue Jays kind of owe it to Scott Richmond to give him a spot on the starting rotation, but he isn't sure if Richmond will make the cut. He thinks that the final 2 rotations spots will probably end up going to Casey Janssen and Brad Mills.
  • Despite putting up decent numbers in spring training, Matt Clement still faces an uphill battle if he wants to make the rotation. Clement is probably not interested in playing for the Las Vegas 51's if he doesn't make the team, and Griff said he might just retire if the Blue Jays don't send him north with the other 24 players for Opening Day.
  • Reflections on the Vernon Wells contract. Bobcat asked Griffin if he thinks V-Dub will ever be a 35+ HR 120+ RBI player. Griff thinks so, but regardless if Wells puts up a career year or not, the Blue Jays will have to eat that enormous contract. That got me thinking that I really hope Vernon has a solid year, because then another team just might be willing to pick up V-Dub in a trade. It's settled, if Wells hits 30+ HR and 100+ RBI in 2009, then J.P. should shop V-Dub to the highest bidder.


  1. Man, Griffin. The Jays don't owe Scotty Richmond anything.

    If Vernon has a huge 2009, and we're apparently all uber-excited for 2010, you'd still want to dump him before we go into 2010?

  2. I'm just saying that after this year, V-Dub is still owed $98.5 million. That's a lot of money on the books for a player who hasn't really played up to expectations just yet.

  3. How do you owe someone when you pulled them out from the shit that is Independent baseball?

    You don't.

    I wish Richmond all the luck in the world. He seems like a hard worker and I like that you've championed him as this site's favorite but every night he should thank God that he is playing AAA baseball in Vegas and might pitch 5 times in the majors this year.

  4. That's the good thing about Scott Richmond: he's probably willing to stay down in Las Vegas, whereas Matt Clement is not. So even if Scott doesn't make the team, he can be waiting in the wings just in case he needs to get called up.

  5. Agreed. I think he will get some starts this year.

    And Ian, did you write Scott's wikipedia page? You can tell me. (check out the 2009 section?)


  6. Actually, I just noticed that this morning Dave. For anyone who hasn't seen the entry, here is what it says about Scott Richmond:

    He (Richmond)will also be a starter at the Major League level for the first time, at the beginning of the season, with the Blue Jays due to injuries to Shawn Marcum and Dustin McGowan.

    It's like Wikipedia can see into the future!


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