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J.P. Ricciardi said that 2009 would be a season for the Jays young players to shine, and today the team took another step in that direction. Congratulations to Ricky Romero for officially being named the Blue Jays #4 starting pitcher. Romero pitched well enough in his last two starts to convince the coaching staff and management that he's worth a spot in the rotation to start the season.

Mike Wilner mirrors my thoughts that Richmond is probably a lock for the final spot. I know a lot a people are really excited to see Brad Mills pitch at the Major League level, but Richmond does edge Mills in the experience category. Mills doesn't really have anything to lose by staying in Triple A to start the season, whereas Richmond is probably ready to start the year at the #5 spot. Brad Mills could probably use an extra few months in Las Vegas anyway, and has much more to gain by sticking around with the Las Vegas 51's for the time being.

The fellas at Mop Up Duty spearheaded a Blue Jays Roundtable which included yours truly, along with some respected minds in the Blue Jays blogosphere. It was reassuring to see that some other folks have the same thoughts as me on some issues - which either means that I have something in common with those guys, or I'm a huge hack. I'm betting it's the latter. Make sure to check Mop Up Duty tomorrow for Part 2 of the roundtable discussion.

And just in case you're wondering from the picture above, Toni Basil was 39 when the song "Mickey" was released. Obviously, botox was not available in the 80's, and it shows.


  1. All along J.P. was just going with cost savings. Which he'd told us straight up.

  2. Fortunately, letting the young guys start is also cost effective!

  3. Hey Ian, great blog, I'd be interested in exchanging blog rolls...
    let me know.

    If you'd like to contribute an article once in a while to our magazine that whould work too.

    The Captain


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