Italian Salami smokes Canadian Bacon

Monday, March 9, 2009  |  by 

The Italians smoked Team Canada - and the worst part? We didn't even see it coming. Canada was fully expected to win tonight, but instead they ended of on the opposite end of their upset vs. Team USA 3 years ago.

As much as I want to blame the pitching, the offense couldn't really get it going either. Perkins was a mess from the start, and I'm not even sure why he was back on the mound in the 2nd inning. I know they were saving Scott Richmond for possible game versus Venezuela, but was it a good move to leave him on the bench? Canada didn't even get a chance to use their "ace", and I guess it was a risk that Ernie Whitt and Team Canada were willing to make.

The same team that scored 5 runs against the Americans could only muster up 2 mere runs. It the bottom of the 4th, Canada had the momentum shift with runners on 3rd and 2nd when Jason Bay knocked Joey Votto and Justin Morneau home to cut the lead to 4-2. Unfortunately, that was as close as Canada would come to tying up the game as the Italians tacked on 4 more runs.

I guess the one bright spot for Canada was Jesse Crain. He struck out all 4 batters that he faced. His pitch placement was completely on the mark, and the Italians were completely hopeless at the plate against Crain.

I feel bad that Scott Richmond didn't even get a chance to save his country from elimination, but I guess that's the way that baseball goes some time. I didn't really expect Canada to advance past the first round of pool play, but it would have been nice to see them win at least one game on home soil.


  1. I still can't believe Richmond watched from the bench.

    Fucking Whitt.

  2. Yes, that is the saddest picture of a baseball player I have ever seen.
    I don't completely blame Ernie for the debacle, but he did make some questionable decisions. Leaving Perkins in too long, not pinching Koskie, pinching Clapp, not yanking Orr, etc.

    Oh well, it's all over now. At least we have the memories of that Canada/USA game.


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