Jays Deploy General Mills

Thursday, March 26, 2009  |  by 

After Brad Mills' outing today, the three horse race for the final two rotation spots is neck and neck. Neither Scott Richmond, Ricky Romero, or Brad Mills have pulled ahead as favourites. Maybe the Blue Jays should just take all 3?

Mills was alright today; 4 earned runs in 6 innings of work. He gave up 10 hits, including a RBI single to Derek Lowe. Yeah, Derek Lowe had 2 RBI's today? I have no idea how the hell that happened either.

Richmond, Mills and Romero will probably get one final shot to state their case. Think of it like the pitching version of American Idol's bottom 3. But instead of V-Neck wearing british douchebag judging them, it will be J.P. Ricciardi and Cito Gaston deciding their fate.

Roy Halladay is set to start tomorrow's game against Jose Bautista's old team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Still no word yet on when Scott Richmond will get another chance to start a game. My guess is that he pitches on Saturday vs. the Tigers. Richmond has been idle since Sunday, but all he needs is one quality start to solidify his position on the Blue Jays. But in the meantime, Ricky Romero and Brad Mills are keeping pace as we all wait to see who will finally win those coveted #4 and #5 posititions on the team.


  1. 1. Scott Richmond
    2. Brad Mills
    3. Ricky Romero

    Scott Richmond needs one more AVERAGE start and he guarantees a spot. Period.

    Brad Mills needs his final start to be marginally better than Ricky Romero to get the spot. In a dead tie between the two, they give it to Mills. Only because I think they haven't seen him enough, and Romero could benefit more from the time in AAA to develop.

    Mills and Richmond are more what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

  2. Ian, you must have been short on time. I thought your General Mills picture would have been a box of cereal called "Sliders" with a bowl of baseballs on it or something... :D

  3. Carson, so long as Richmond doesn't implode during his next start then he should be okay. With the Richmond/Mills dilemma, I think Cito has a soft spot for Mills (for some reason).

    LJ, it was either the "army route" or the "cereal route" for the picture. If I had more time, I would've put Mills on a Wheaties box - but I like your idea better!


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