More Kool-Aid, please

Monday, March 2, 2009  |  by 

Remember that Kool-Aid flavour that masqueraded as one colour/flavour, but then when mixed with sugar and water turned into a totally different thing? Nothing against colour-changing Kool-Aid, I just thought it was pretty wicked when I was a kid.

Tomorrow, the Scott Richmond Kool-Aid will return, but this time is will be served up via Team Canada instead of the Toronto Blue Jays. The only difference aside from the Team Canada jersey, is that this new batch of Scott Richmond Kool-Aid will in true Canadiana form taste like cherry and Alberta Premium.

Not only will Richmond pitch tomorrow's WBC warmup game vs. the Blue Jays, but he will also likely start Team Canada's elimination game against Venezuela. If Scotty can continue his incredible performance throughout spring training and the World Baseball Classic, he will certainly be a favourite to win one of those final spots in the rotation.

Get those jugs of Scott Richmond Kool-Aid ready, it's going to be a heated matchup tomorrow when Team Canada goes up against the Blue Jays. Go Scotty, go!

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