Put down the John McDonald Hatorade

Wednesday, March 25, 2009  |  by 

When I first started writing this blog post, it was with the intentions to talk about my reasons for leaving John McDonald off the Blue Jays Opening Day roster. I was ready to cast him aside, and let Joe Inglett or Jose Bautista take his place. But after doing a little bit of detective work, I have changed my tune. I have effectively put down the John McDonald Hatorade, and here is why I think you should do the same.

On the surface, John McDonald might seem like a liability in the Blue Jays lineup. After all, his batting average last season barely floated above the Mendoza Line. But the Blue Jays need John McDonald on the 25-man roster because nobody else other than Marco Scutaro can field shortstop.

There is no question that Johnny Mac is the best fielding shortstop on the team, but he also has the most experience with 413 career games starting at SS. Do you want to know how many games Jose Bautista has played at short? Zero. How about Joe Inglett? Three.

So you can start to see why Cito and J.P. really want John McDonald on the team. Although he doesn’t have much to offer offensively, unfortunately there aren’t any better options defensively when it comes to shortstop. I guess sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

John McDonald Hatorade: from the makers of Scott Richmond Kool-Aid and
Travis Snider's Mash Liquor.


  1. How many games do the Jays need Bautista (or JMac) to play @ SS if Scutaro is healthy (which he has always been, he plays year 'round)?

    5? 10? 15 at most.




    is better than


    He needs to go.

  2. The only thing is that Bautista/Inglett are unproven at SS (though I'm sure they wouldn't be INCREDIBLY bad.) And is John McDonald Roy Hallday's "unofficial" shortstop? I can't remember how many games J-Mac started when Halladay was on the mound.

  3. not enough to make him worth a roster spot.

    and they never gave him the role of doc's personal SS, which they should have, when he was worth a spot on the bench (when we had the best pitching in baseball).

    we no longer will have an unstoppable rotation, and we need run production from all positions.

    also, bautista has also looked very good @ SS in ST (only a few games, but some great plays).

  4. bautist is good enough to be an emergency SS. end of story.

    doesn't anyone remember JMac's bad defence last year, or was I the only one watching the games?

  5. I think we're still smitten over that Cinderella 2007 season. J-Mac's fielding percentage was a little worse last year than '07

  6. It's true, J-Macs fielding percentage was lower than Scutaro's last year.

    The thing Ive ALWAYS found about J-Mac is that he gets to plays that he wouldnt normally be expected to make a play on, then makes an error on the throw. If he would let the hit get past him, he wouldnt have such an ugly percentage.

    Still, the numbers say it his percentage was lower.(in a small sample size)

  7. McDonald's range at SS is phenomenal. He as the ability to get to groundballs that not many other shortstops do. The thing with that is you have to be able to still get the out. Better to keep the ball in the infield though.

  8. Oh I agree, he's a perfect example of the player that just isn't represented by his stats.

  9. Andy, how do you figure Bautista is good enough? I thought he played a few innings thus far and I never heard about any nice plays.

  10. >>"John McDonald Hatorade: from the makers of Scott Richmond Kool-Aid and
    Travis Snider's Mash Liquor."

    That'd make one hell of a nasty swamp water.

  11. Hell yes! I plan on concocting that drink for a post game celebratory drink on April 6th.


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